Telefon / Phone: +39017260930

Adres / Address: VIA DELLA CARTIERA, 30 – 12045 FOSSANO (CN)

Stand No: H2-F120

Product Categories:

2.3 Alüminyum Üretimi, Ekstraksiyon Prosesleri ve Aritilmasi için Tesis, Makina, Aksesuar ve Ekipman
2.26 Mekanik Elleçleme
3.2 Yüzey Islemleri Teknolojisi ve Korozyondan Korunma Için Ekipman Malzeme, Sarf Malzemeleri ve Aksesuarlar

Manufacturing of hot cast polyurethane elastomers and rubbers for many different industries.

Products and services:

• Coverings of rollers and wheels
• Production of moulded parts
• Manufacture of elastic sleeves
• Refurbishment of worn out wheels and rollers
• Supply of complete new assemblies.

Pieffe Srl is an Italian company that was founded in 1947 as a producer of technical rubber articles for cars and motorcycles. The company has since expanded into producing polyurethane materials in collaboration with Du Pont, making it the first producer of cast polyurethane materials in Europe.
Pieffe Srl produces a wide range of products in polyurethane, rubber, and plastic materials. They produce polyurethane products such as wheels, rollers, and cylinders with any hardness and color with dimensions up to 1250 mm in diameter and 5000 mm in length1.
They also produce rubber articles made with various types of elastomers.
You can find more information about Pieffe Srl’s products on our official website at www.pieffesrl.com