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S.A.I. srl provides innovative software with high quality standards with attention to the specific needs of each plant. Quality, Productivity, Plant Optimization and Scraps Reduction are the focus of IES Isothermal Extrusion System.
Our Software involves the complete production process: billet furnace, press, including liquid nitrogen die cooling and quench. As a system, IES works in close loop with the plant, constantly exchanging plant and production data to offer prompt but soft corrections to face production demand. All with a high attention to the safety of people and plant.
Order management, product traceability, scraps optimization are pillars of IES Syestem and the die cooling with liquid nitrogen is the value added at this process.
To have a realistic proportional control of the cooling, it is necessary to work in synchrony with the rest of the plant: the billet heating furnace and the press are not separate parts. A constant exchange of data in reading to monitor production and in writing to modify the machine sets guarantee an optimal and specific use of the cooling function of the die with liquid nitrogen.
Another resource at disposal of IES to run on quality is the quench rate
Cooling the profile at a constant rate is a challenge to win to keep the structural quality. IES calculates the optimal quench rate for the actual production and manages the cooling intensity.

S.A.I. srl Società Automazione Industriale is an italian company with more than 40 years of experience, provides highly capable and reliable controls, programming, software and complete automation solutions for the aluminium industry.
The company initially operated in the electric industry, with the design, construction and installation of full or partial systems.
– more than 50 electrical installations completed, including new extrusion presses and revamping operations.
– over 25 installations up and downstream from press. Over the years, the need to achieve superior and reliable performance with repeatable results inspired the development of efficient company systems for complete production cycle management (ECN), supervision systems, the Isothermal Extrusion System (IES) and die cooling using liquid nitrogen.
To date, the IT department has been the company’s key player, highly focused on the development of specific extrusion tools which can concretely facilitate the achievement of excellent results, optimising and bolstering production, quality and energy savings.
The passion dedicated in finding customized and technologically advanced solutions in the field of aluminium extrusion has produced successes throughout the world. When selecting S.A.I., you can expect to receive only the best of our capabilities with seriousness, consistency and professionalism.