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Stand No: H3-F104

Product Categories:

2.6 Ergitme, Döküm, Isil Islem ve YenitemIden Isitma Teknolojisi
2.7 Firinlar, Ocaklar
2.21 Kalip ve Takim Üretimi ve Malzemeleri
2.21.3 Kaliplarin Isil, Yüzel Islemleri
3 Yüzey Islemleri
3.2 Yüzey Islemleri Teknolojisi ve Korozyondan Korunma Için Ekipman Malzeme, Sarf Malzemeleri ve Aksesuarlar
5 Servis ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri, Dernekler ve Yayinlar
5.1 Yazilim, End 4.0

NITREX is the only fully integrated global player in the surface treatment industry. With a presence in over 20 countries, our portfolio of innovative solutions and unrivaled expertise are helping customers to achieve greater tolerances, meet the highest standards, and become more profitable along the way.

With over 40 years of experience, we are the preferred choice of blue-chip customers for turnkey heat-treat systems, reliable technologies with over 4,000 proven formulas, proprietary high-end instrumentation, failsafe digital controls, and surface treatment services that consistently outperform industry standards. Our commitment to quality and compliance ensures that our customers’ critical components will perform under the conditions required for the end-use application.

At NITREX, we assist customers in selecting the right solution by leveraging our deep knowledge of the industry, metallurgy, heat-treat processes, upstream and downstream manufacturing operations, and component requirements. By working closely with customers, we identify areas where our solutions can make the biggest impact, optimizing accuracy, achieving compliance, and delivering maximum application performance, longevity, and cost-efficiency.

At Nitrex we take great care of our customers needs; we offer reliable technologies and solutions to our clients specific requirements. We have profound knowledge of heat treatment, thousand of formulas, high-end instrumentation; all to insure that our clients components will perform according to the application use.

We take pride in our products, technology, knowledge and services. We our committed in providing top quality and compliance, to insure that our customers thrive.

We have several locations around the world to better serve you: Montréal, USA, Mexico, Poland, Italy, China, Japan to name a few.

Come and see us at stand 3F104, share your needs with us and we will find a solution for you!