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1 Ham Maddeler , Birincil Metal Ürünler , Yari Bitmis Ürünler
1.1 Ham Maddeler, Isletme (Yardimci) Maddeleri
1.2 Birincil Metal Ürünler, YenitemIden Ergitilmis Ürünler
1.3 Granül, Toz, Pasta, Yün, Köpük Ürünler
1.5 Döküm Ürünleri
1.6 DeoksitemIdasyon Ürünleri
1.7 Toz Metalurjisi
2.1 Hafif Metaller
2.2 Islemler ve Geri Dönüsüm
2.22 Kalite Kontrol ve Test
4 Farkli Endüstriler için Alüminyum Ürünler

Since 1865, the HOESCH Group has been developing and producing chemical and metallurgical products for applications all over the world.
Our customized alloying elements and melt treatment products have supported the metalworking industry for over a century.

Our philosophy commits us to responsibility. Towards employees, customers and suppliers. Towards the environment and resources. As a family-run company with a long tradition, we have been living the values of medium-sized businesses for decades: reliability, quality loyalty, responsibility.

From our founding to the present day, we have been driven by the goal of making metallurgy even more efficient, sustainable and operational.
As a partner of the aluminum industry, we work with representatives on all five continents.

HOESCH products:

– Alloying Additives. HOESCH Alloying Additives are produced by powder metallurgy and are characterized by chemical purity and performance in the production of specific alloys.

– Melt Treatment Fluxes. The cleaning and treatment of the molten aluminum is a decisive step towards the optimum quality of the melt. This can remove non-metallic inclusions and interfering elements that can otherwise lead to casting defects and high scrap rates in production.

– Master Alloys. Master alloys based on primary aluminum or copper with alloying contents of 2-50% are fused alloys. These can be used in liquid aluminum to fine tune the alloy.

– Pure Metals.

The HOESCH Group is a leading global supplier of quality products for the treatment of liquid metals, with a focus on aluminum. Our customers include aluminum smelters, semi-finished products plants, remelting plants and molding foundries for alloying aluminum all over the world.

For decades, we have contributed to the production of high-quality materials for a wide range of industries. Our Alloying Additives and Melt Treatment Fluxes give aluminum products their specific properties such as heat resistance, formability or elasticity. At the same time, we support our customers with metallurgical process expertise to achieve optimal melting results.

With our three production sites in Germany and abroad, globally positioned sales companies and trading partners we sell our products to the metalworking industry worldwide. The company history of our family-run business dates back to 1865. The name HOESCH has always stood for the highest quality, innovation and flexibility.