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Stand No: H2-E160

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1.1 Ham Maddeler, Isletme (Yardimci) Maddeleri
1.2 Birincil Metal Ürünler, YenitemIden Ergitilmis Ürünler
1.3 Granül, Toz, Pasta, Yün, Köpük Ürünler
1.4.15 Çubuk
1.4.16 Külçe
2.22 Kalite Kontrol ve Test

We’re Alfa, the makers of Alfa Systems – the number one software choice for asset finance companies, worldwide. We are headquartered in London, with offices in Lisbon, Metro Detroit, Dallas, Auckland and Sydney, and we have customers based all over the world.

With over 30 years’ experience in the auto and equipment finance industries worldwide, Alfa and Alfa Systems have grown and developed considerably as the decades have passed.