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Invention Meets Reliability

SECO/WARWICK is the 1st choice supplier
of solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy.

We create innovative products that provide our customers with reliable,
safe and environmentally friendly solutions for heat treatment and
metallurgy and ensure the economic efficiency of their businesses.
Expertise includes end-to-end solutions in 5 categories: vacuum heat
treatment, atmosphere, and aluminum thermal processing, controlled
atmosphere brazing of aluminum heat exchangers and vacuum metallurgy.

SECO/WARWICK Group, with 8 companies located on 3 continents, has
customers in nearly 70 countries with more than 4000 deployed solutions.
The company provides standard or customized state-of-the-art heat
processing and metallurgy equipment and technologies to leading
companies in the following industries: automotive, aerospace, electronics,
tooling, medical, recycling, energy including nuclear, wind, oil, gas, solar
and production of steel, titanium, and aluminum.