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Stand No: H2-A165

Product Categories:

1 Ham Maddeler , Birincil Metal Ürünler , Yari Bitmis Ürünler
1.1 Ham Maddeler, Isletme (Yardimci) Maddeleri
1.2 Birincil Metal Ürünler, YenitemIden Ergitilmis Ürünler
1.3 Granül, Toz, Pasta, Yün, Köpük Ürünler
1.7 Toz Metalurjisi
2 Alüminyum Üretim Teknolojisi, Makina ve Ekipmanlari
2.1 Hafif Metaller
2.2 Islemler ve Geri Dönüsüm
2.4 Hammadde Prosesleri
2.6 Ergitme, Döküm, Isil Islem ve YenitemIden Isitma Teknolojisi
3.1 Alüminyum Ürünleri Için Özel Yüzey Islemleri
3.1.5 Yüzey Kaplama
3.1.6 Toz Boya
3.2 Yüzey Islemleri Teknolojisi ve Korozyondan Korunma Için Ekipman Malzeme, Sarf Malzemeleri ve Aksesuarlar

For over 35 years Scottish has been serving the foundry industries with highest quality products like Degasers, Grain Refiners, Foundry Fluxes , Fused+ Granulated Fluxes, Coatings, (Ti & Sr) Modalloys , (Mn, Cu, Fe, Cr, Ti) Adal tablets, AITi5B1 coils, Boron Hardener, Magnesium, Ingots, Fast Melting Silicon, Ceramic Foam Filters, Crucibles, Castables, etc. used in Aluminium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Brass foundries.

SCI also deals in various equipments like flux feeding machine, mobile degassing units, temp. measuring devices, coil feeding machines, porosity meters, etc. We are also involved in sourcing and supplying various other foundry raw material including all Fluorine Chemicals, Magnesium Chloride (Anhydrous), etc.


Dear Sir

Subject: Introduction of SCOTTISH CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES – Your Trusted Foundry Solutions Provider

We are delighted to introduce [Your Company Name], a leading name in the foundry industry, catering to the diverse needs of foundries worldwide for over 35 years. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we have been consistently delivering the highest quality products and cutting-edge equipment to meet the evolving demands of the foundry sector.

At [Your Company Name], we take immense pride in offering an extensive range of premium-grade products that empower foundries to enhance their processes and produce top-notch results. Our product portfolio includes:

Degassers: For improving metal cleanliness and eliminating impurities.
Grain Refiners: To control grain structure and enhance mechanical properties.
Foundry Fluxes: Assisting in metal purification and dross removal.
Fused+ Granulated Fluxes: Aiding in refining and alloying processes.
Coatings: Providing protection and promoting smoother castings.
(Ti & Sr) Mod alloys: Alloying agents for achieving desired material properties.
(Mn, Cu, Fe, Cr, Ti) Adal Tablets: Facilitating precise alloying.
AITi5B1 Coils: For modifying grain size and reducing hot tearing.
Boron Hardener: Strengthening metal alloys.
Magnesium Ingots: Employed as a crucial alloying element.
Fast Melting Silicon: For efficient and controlled melting.
Ceramic Foam Filters ETC