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Adres / Address: SIEMENSSTRASSE 14, 41469 NEUSS

Stand No: H2-E160

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1.1 Ham Maddeler, Isletme (Yardimci) Maddeleri
1.2 Birincil Metal Ürünler, YenitemIden Ergitilmis Ürünler
1.3 Granül, Toz, Pasta, Yün, Köpük Ürünler
1.4.15 Çubuk
1.4.16 Külçe
2.22 Kalite Kontrol ve Test

We are a mid-sized German company. As one of the leading manufacturers of coating thickness gauges, we globaly offer a broad range of products.

Our quality, our innovations and our service orientation have been convincing our customers and dealers for more than 20 years. With our devices we support professional work in the field of coating thickness measurement, e.g. of paints or galvanic coatings and look back on a successful and long history in the development of coating thickness gauges.

In addition, we are active in the manufacture and production of electronic assemblies. Here we offer a complete package of EMS services, supplemented by the painting and disposal of smoke alarms.

Our activities are rounded off by our sister company, lune CHF GmbH in Kalkar. Lune CHF GmbH develops, produces and sells non-contact temperature measuring devices (