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Stand No: H3-F105

Product Categories:

2.7 Firinlar, Ocaklar
2.13 Ekstrüzyon ve Tel Çekme Teknolojisi
2.16 Testere veya Makasla Kesme
2.18 Metal Konstrüksiyon Islemleri
2.26 Mekanik Elleçleme
3.1.2 Anodik Islemler
3.1.5 Yüzey Kaplama
3.2 Yüzey Islemleri Teknolojisi ve Korozyondan Korunma Için Ekipman Malzeme, Sarf Malzemeleri ve Aksesuarlar
4.3 Elektrik ve Elektronik Mühendisligi
4.5 Makina Mühendisligi ve Genel Mühendislik
4.7 Fabrika Ekipmanlari
5.1 Yazilim, End 4.0
5.2 Simülasyon
5.3 Mühendislik Hizmetleri

The design of the ALTEX Group is to guarantee all customers solutions to their extrusion needs from a single, consolidated industrial company. Our management is dedicated to constant technological growth, supported by continuous, highly qualified activities in its R&D department.

The ALTEX Group is a financially solid and well-organized group of companies, located in strategic territories. We can offer full support to our customers from the beginning to the commissioning of any request within the extrusion.

Our aim is to cover that market share made up of customers who are followed by different suppliers; Altex solution makes communications between suppliers, faster and clear. We overcome this by being a general contractor, thanks to our long-term knowledge all around the extrusion world.

Guaranteeing our customers all the financial support, specialized technical solutions, spare parts, scheduled maintenance, and emergency interventions, always acting through the activities offered in the various territorial offices strategically located close to ALTEX customers.

You can also discover all the services offered by ALTEX on our website.

ALTEX mission is serving customers around the world to make them more productive and successful.

Our goal is to cover the market share composed of customers who are looking for customized solutions to win in their markets.

We stay close to the customers through our worldwide service-offices network that creates long-term support.

Our knowledge and skills become useful and powerful tools when integrated with the customers experience.

ALTEX target is to become the available strategic reference in the global aluminium extrusion markets.