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2 Alüminyum Üretim Teknolojisi, Makina ve Ekipmanlari

Presezzi extrusion was established in 1994, and manufactures an entire range of systems for aluminum, copper, brass and steel extrusion including traditional, front loading, back loading, direct, indirect, and with piercer. Each component is built with the utmost care and inspected by qualified international boards. For this reason, our products are all of high quality and guarantee total reliability we produce everything in Europe and everything is preassembled and tested in our facility before shipping as quality guarantee. Presezzi Extrusion does not only create high performance and reliable presses but can also supply any specific complementary tools and accessories to use with this machinery. These accessories are not only designed to fit Presezzi presses but also those made by other manufacturers. This is part of Presezzi’s revamping program whereby the company can improve the performance of any older press by creating custom efficient and affordable solutions, essential in today’s economic climate. These revamping processes can be either partial, in which certain parts such as the main cylinder or extrusion tie rod are replaced, or ‘complete’ in which the entire mechanical, electrical and oil hydraulic parts are replaced. Finally, since two years Presezzi Extrusion is able also to supply the extrusion complete plant composed by logs heating area, complete handling system with stacker and destacker profile, baskets crane and packing system line till the ageing oven.

Aluminyum bakir pirinç ekstrüzyon presleri, biyet döküm tesisleri, otomatik paketleme hatlari, fabrika otomasyonu, otomatik stoklama sistemleri üreticisi.